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Aug 26, 2021

Poverty Couldn’t Hold Nikita from Achieving Her Dream of Becoming a Dental Surgeon

A good education – that was all Nikita’s parents ever wanted her to have. But, being daily wage laborers, they barely could meet the needs of their four children, let alone provide them a good education. However, poverty couldn’t hold Nikita from achieving her dream of becoming a dental surgeon, thanks to Hope for Children, now Nikita is doing 2nd year dental studies at a reputed medical college.

Nikita is the youngest daughter among four siblings in her family. Her parents are daily wage laborers who worked hard to support their family. Yet they always struggled to meet the needs of their children. They wanted their children to have good education, but the little wages they earned was barely enough to meet family’s basic needs let alone provide for the educational needs of their children.

During their desperate time of need, they came to know about how Hope for Children was providing free education to the poor and needy children of society. They approached the staff of a local Bridge of Hope center seeking admission for Nikita. Due to the poor condition of her family, Nikita was enrolled at the center in the year 2009. She received free tuition, school stationaries, uniform, nutritious food from Hope for Children.

With the help and support received from teachers and staff of Hope for Children, she became an outstanding student and graduated with good marks. In the year 2017, she got admission in Uttaranchal Dental And Medical Research Institute. Currently she is doing 2nd year of Dental studies at this institute.

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