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Dec 11, 2021

An Earthquake Victim Can Now Dream About a Brighter Future

When Anita’s house was destroyed by a massive earthquake, little did she know it was just the beginning of a painful journey she was about to undertake.

It was in the year 2012, a powerful earthquake tore through Anita’s village, killing scores of people and leaving several homeless. The earthquake tore apart Anita’s house and destroyed all their belongings. Anita and her family had nothing to eat for days. As the only school in the village also was damaged beyond repair, her father was forced to take a painful decision. That was to send Anita and her three siblings to a nearby town for studies.

He arranged a small rented room for them to stay in this town. Being the eldest child in the family, the responsibility of taking care of her siblings fell on Anita’s shoulders. In her parents’ absence, Anita became a parent to her siblings, cooking food for them and getting them ready for school. But this took a toll on her life. Due to lack of parental guidance, Anita and her siblings lagged behind in studies. And their father, a shepherd by profession also struggled to provide for their educational needs.

Anita came to the verge of quitting school. But during that lowest point in her life, Anita’s father heard about Hope for Children and soon Anita and her siblings were enrolled at a Hope for Children center. Joining the Hope for Children changed the course of their lives. They no more had to worry about school supplies and where their next meal would come from.

The nutritious food they received at the center reduced the burden for Anita and now she was able to give more time for studies. The free tuition and guidance received from teachers at the Hope for Children center also helped them to improve and perform better at school. Today Anita and her siblings are happily continuing their studies and looking forward to a brighter future.


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