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Sep 26, 2021

Dhayanandhan is Grateful to Bridge of Hope For His MBBS Admission

Dhayanandhan, a first year MBBS student, is grateful towards Bridge of Hope for helping him to achieve his goal.

He joined Bridge of Hope in 2005 due to his family’s financial crisis. His father was a fisherman and mother went for labor work in other houses. They both worked hard even to fill their two sons stomach each day.

Dhayanandhan was a brilliant student and dreamed to become a doctor. But his family situation made his hope fade.

During this time, he joined in one of our Bridge of Hope centers in Tamil Nadu. After joining there, he started getting school uniform, bag, umbrella, geometric box and also good dresses and hygienic items. He also received help from tutors in his studies and healthy food from the center.

Grabbing the opportunity he got, Dhayanandhan studied well and achieved 487 marks out of 500 in 10th and 1170 out of 1200 in 12th.

He got his admission for MBBS not with any donations but with his constant efforts and hard work.

“I am so thankful to Bridge of Hope for helping me to reach this far. I ate good food only from Bridge of Hope. The staffs helped me in studies and also provided everything I needed for my studies. When I grow up, I also want to help children in need just like Bridge of Hope helped me,” said Dhayanandhan.

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