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Participation in sponsorship program is open to Indian nationals

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Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions about Hope for Children Child Sponsorship Program. Want to talk to us in person? Please call us at +91 0469 2630771.


When you make the commitment to sponsor a child, you become a vital part of their journey to a new life of freedom and purpose. Your investment is not only in one child, but also his/her family, and community. You help bring essentials like education, nutrition, health care, clean water, and even hope to your sponsored child and the community. We encourage you to be personally involved in your child’s life through our letter-writing program. Your letters, messages and love result in real and lasting change in your sponsored child and family, making them feel loved, wanted and hopeful which can help you enjoy a life-enriching connection with your child. Letters from the child will help you understand the child’s dreams and how you are making them possible.

Hope for Children works in five countries, reaching the unreached in the remotest rural areas and urban slums, going where others have not gone to create lasting change in the lives of children, their families and communities living in poverty.

Yes, a sponsor can support any number of children he/she wishes. There are many children waiting for sponsorship.

Donations can be made in the form of cash and kind and sent to Hope for Children, St. Thomas Nagar, Kuttapuzha (P.O.,), Thiruvalla, Kerala – 6896103, INDIA. All cheques/DD need to be in favour of “Hope for Children”. You can also make your payments via net banking.

Child sponsorship is a voluntary, ongoing contribution. You’re in charge of how long you sponsor. We give sponsors the opportunity to support children throughout their entire education. Some sponsors may desire to assist their child for a lesser period depending on individual situations. We are sincerely grateful for the support you give towards your sponsored child’s ongoing education, yet you are free to decide on how long you want to continue.

Hope for Children sponsorship is Rs. 1000 per month.

Yes, a sponsor can give beyond Rs. 1000 a month to help a child.

For as little as Rs. 1000 a month, your support provides direct benefit to an underprivileged child in the form of quality education, new school supplies, medical care, and opportunities for participating in age-appropriate leadership and talent-building initiatives in communities and child protection supports. You also help provide livelihood assistance for poor families and give a whole community access to life's basic essentials such as clean water, sanitation and more. Through your continuous support, children, their families and communities witness developments that open doors to lasting change.

The children receive school supplies, remedial education, hygiene kits, periodic medical check-ups and follow-up treatment, career guidance, life skill education, leadership training, talent building opportunities, child-friendly facilities in schools and communities and protection from child abuses, trafficking and child labour. Basic school education is complemented by remedial education as skilled Hope for Children staff members help each child at their own level. This drives the children to excellence in their studies. Learning the English language is an important part of the curriculum. We intentionally prepare the children at the project centres to be responsible citizens among their generation through character building, moral values and manners. We also provide the best medical care for each child, which many needy families would be unable to afford otherwise. These poverty-stricken children learn basic habits of good hygiene, such as hand washing, brushing teeth and bathing regularly. They also receive awareness on vital issues such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, illiteracy, child labour and dangerous habits. This early exposure to such issues will protect the children from many problems later in life. The children in turn help educate the public by participating in awareness rallies and programs. Additionally, we encourage parents to be involved in the child’s growth and development and arrange special training programs for this purpose.

Hope for Children has been able to directly impact the lives of over 1,50,000 children, their families and communities so far by tackling the root causes of poverty.

As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to be a great encouragement to your sponsored child through letters. The simple act of sending a letter brings unimaginable happiness to your sponsored child. The initial letter writing material will be included in your child sponsorship packet. Your child will also be given special stationery and envelopes to correspond with you. Each time your child writes, new stationery and an envelope will be mailed to you with the letter.

For the sake of fairness, Hope for Children’s policy is to take care of children’s needs on a general basis without giving some children extra things that others might not receive. For this reason we do not accept special gifts for children. However, you can include some flat objects, such as colouring sheets or postcards, in your letters.