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Nov 26, 2019

A Girl Who Quit Her Studies Once Can Now Return to School

Nandana was born and brought up in a very poor family.

She has five siblings. Her father is a daily wage laborer. He was a drunkard and spent all money he earned to buy alcohol instead of taking care of their family. Because of this, they lived in hunger and extreme poverty. So, her mother started going for work to feed them, but the money was not sufficient enough to meet all their needs. So, Nandana had to quit her studies and she started helping her mother in household works.

When other kids of her age went school and enjoyed their freedom as a child happily, Nandana was bound inside her home because of her family’s poverty. She had greater dreams but was helpless to achieve it.

It was this time Bridge of Hope took in little Nandana, seeing her family’s situation and difficulties. Soon she started receiving school supplies, uniforms, hygiene items and food from the center. She also stopped doing household works and is able to go school again because her mother no longer has to worry about providing for her studies.

She utilized the opportunity she has been given and studied well with the help of Bridge of Hope staff. Now, Nandana is studying in ninth grade.

“I want to become a teacher,” says Nandana with her eyes full of hope and dream. “And I want to help children like me in their studies to achieve their goals.”

This is just an example of how Bridge Of Hope works to help children like Nandana to fulfill their dreams. You can also be a part of changing a child’s life.

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