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Jun 15, 2022

580 Marks out of 600 – An Inspiring Success Story of a Laborer’s Daughter

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation,” said Richard Bach in one of his famous novels.

Many students across India, from economically disadvantaged families, are now conquering such limitations to achieve pinnacles of success.

Malathi, from a village in Andhra Pradesh, today is an inspiration to many after securing 580 marks out of 600 in the 10th class conducted by state board.

Malathi who has set an example of determination and hard work, once used to be a very shy girl. Her parents are daily wage laborers earning a minimal amount for survival. In the initial days of her enrollment at the Hope for Children center, she would come to the center in shabby clothes and didn’t show much interest in studies. But gradually with the help of the Hope for Children staff her life began to change. She started to study well and the different activities at the centre helped her to overcome her shyness and hone her talents.

Her hard work indeed paved way to achieve 580/600 marks in SSLC exam, breaking all previous records of her school.

Malathi says “I aspire to become an engineer when I grow up”. She has shown us that with hard work and determination any child can achieve success and transform oneself as a merit scholar, with every possible growth path opening in front of them.

Malathi’s excellent performance has brought pride to Hope for Children and we salute all the HFC teachers who have worked to make the impossible possible.

Malathi’s parents, Venkata and Jyothi, are extremely grateful to Hope for Children for the tireless help and guidance provided to their daughter.

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