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Nov 04, 2021

A Distant Dream Becomes a Reality

Shivani was just 5 years old when she lost her father, the sole bread-earner of the family, to illness. His untimely death pushed Shivani’s family into poverty. Bound by woes of poverty, education seemed like a distant dream for Shivani until when Hope for Children offered Shivani a chance at education.

Although a chain-smoker, Shivani’s father used to take good care of his family with the income he received from painting job. Unfortunately excessive smoking took a toll on his health, leading to lung disease. Soon he succumbed to the illness. In this hapless condition, Shivani’s mother Savitha started to work as domestic help in nearby houses. Though she was physically weak she worked hard to make ends meet. But her income could hardly ease the financial burden of the family.

Savitha constantly worried about how she would provide education to her three children, Shivani, her twin sister, and her older brother. At this juncture, a concerned neighbor informed her about Hope for Children. Without any delay Savitha took Shivani and her twin sister to the Hope for Children center seeking admission.

Seeing the helpless condition of Savitha’s family, Shivani and her sister were enrolled at the Hope for Children center. They were both 5 years old then and Shivani was studying in 1st grade. She and her sister attended the Hope for Children center regularly where they received proper meals every day and clean uniforms and also books to study under the committed center’s staff. If Shivani had difficulties in studies, the teachers guided her properly.

Hope for Children helped Shivani to tap into her potential and in 2017 Shivani passed 12th grade exam with good marks. Following this, she did nursing course for two years and completed it successfully in 2019 and at present she is working as a nurse in one of the hospitals. Shivani’s sister is also working as a receptionist in another hospital.

“This was only possible because of Hope for Children center. I thank my teachers, and staff of Hope for Children for their love and guidance” says Shivani.

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